Welcome to our new look website!

Dear Friends

We have at last refreshed and enhanced our website! And welcome to my brand new blog!

We will be adding to the website over the next few months, so if you have any feedback or ideas please do get in touch with us on our contact page  – we love hearing from our friends and supporters.

In other news, on 25th November SATEDA will be launching what we hope will be an annual ‘wear orange’ event in conjunction with the United Nations campaign to for International Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls day. We still have some orange collection boxes available if you would like to support us by collecting £1 for everyone wearing orange for the day! Orange is a personal favour of mine so I am really looking forward to it – if it’s not your colour and you don’t fancy it, we are happy to take £1 off you anyway! All proceeds will go towards us delivering the freedom programme in Swale – you can donate via our justgiving link if you don’t see an orange collection box on your travels!

With Christmas just around the corner I would like to remind everyone of how some people’s lives are not safe and happy over the festive period – some families are walking on eggshells, trying not to break the ever changing rules of the perpetrator in their house. Early on in January the referrals into our services will increase, usually reaching a peak during February – this is the aftermath of Christmas which the newspapers don’t address when they talk of the January blues, early dark nights, drizzle and Christmas debt. We will see many self-referrals in January and February from women who have tried so hard over Christmas to make it ok for their children. However, we know that no matter how hard they try they can’t predict or change the behaviour of an abuser, the goal posts are always changing and it’s an impossible task to ‘get it right’. So we will make sure we are ready to be available to support whoever needs our support after the Christmas tinsel has been put away – and of course anytime of the year. 

Nobody should have to live in fear. Nobody should have to look over their shoulder to check they are safe. No child should have to live in a home full of fear and aggression. If you are scared of your partner, or any other member of your family, please come and see us, or call us for a chat. Our services, drop in availability and one stop shops are all on the website. We will be there when you are ready.

Take care of yourselves