“I’m a survivor!”


With our 2016 conference ‘The Journey to Survival’ fast approaching, we are singing along to Destiny’s Child and reflecting on what it means to be a survivor.

People love a survivor story: the world breathes a sigh of relief when hostages are released, when people walk away from traffic accidents and when people beat cancer. We love it when people find inner reserves of strength to overcome the odds and become free from danger.

This is what our 2016 conference will be celebrating and advocating for. We will be celebrating all the people who have found the strength to survive abusive relationships and be free from it. We will be hearing a survivor’s story from Coercive Control, as well as from the NSPCC about supporting child survivors. Our conference is called ‘The Journey to Survival’ because becoming free from domestic abuse isn’t always quick and easy and it really is a journey. However we consider all of the people we support to be survivors. It takes a huge amount of strength to continue ‘normal’ life whilst living in an abusive relationship. Being a good parent, holding down a job, maintaining friendships and keeping a house all whilst suffering daily abuse is no easy thing. To keep going, to keep living in these circumstances is survival.

However we want our survivors to experience freedom too. We want them to enjoy freedom from abuse and survival in it’s fullest. Our conference will feature talks and workshops that will equip professionals to help people to get further along on their journey of survival and towards freedom.

Melissa is a survivor.

She was supported by SATEDA and is now no longer living with abuse. And as a survivor who has experienced freedom, she is now able to use those inner strength reserves for other, positive things. In November Melissa will be walking over the O2 to raise money for SATEDA. Melissa says:

“I have chosen to do a walk over the 02 Arena on 13th November and get sponsors for this as I feel it is a good challenge to do and will hopefully raise money from doing it. I am very nervous about doing it, but very excited too”

We think Melissa is an absolute champion for being brave once again and challenging herself to do something like this! You can sponsor her via her Just Giving page and help her reach her £500 target.

Our 2016 conference is now sold out. Another sign that people love a survival story. If you are booked in we will look forward to seeing you there, but don’t worry if you are not because we will be posting summaries of each talk on our blog.

If you are currently experiencing domestic abuse well done for being a survivor. But don’t stop there, continue on your journey of survival until you are free. Find out how we can help you here.

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