Time to play our Trump cards


How to respond to Trump’s election

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably don’t need educating as to why Trump’s presidency is bad news for women. As the world prepares itself for the reality of Trump in the White House, there is something that all of us can do: we shine a bit brighter, we can shout a bit louder and we can show a better way. For every piece of restrictive legislation, for every offensive statement and for every piece of hatred on social media, we can use it as fuel to light a candle that will not be put out. That is our Trump card. Darkness can never overcome the light. So here are six ways to light some candles of your own…

1. Visit the Everyday Sexism Project which catalogues the instances of sexism experienced by women on a day to day basis. Visit their website or find them on twitter to share your story and read those of others.

2. Visit funny feminist Caitlin Moran’s website and have a watch of her video blogs for some inspiration. You can also send her a video blog of your own about how you would like to make the world a better place.

3. Take part in SATEDA’s Wear Orange Day 2016. On Friday 25th November we are inviting you to wear orange to work for a day and raise awareness of VAWG and money for SATEDA’s work with victims of domestic violence in Swale. You can also run other fundraising activities, more info here.

4. Read the Schools Safe 4 Girls report to learn about sexual violence and harassment in schools and then help your local school think through how they can be safer environments for girls.

5. Sign Refuge’s petition for a public enquiry about the state’s response to domestic abuse. 

6. Write to your MP to ask them to vote for the Istanbull Convention bill on December 16th, meaning that the UK will have better laws preventing, protecting and prosecuting against domestic violence.


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