How great are young people?!

Young people can sometimes get a lot of bad publicity. For the last term we have been working with 12 young people from Swale who are proving the haters wrong. This group of young people have worked with us on a number of fundraising activities and have raised over £400 for us! Well done guys!

Here is a letter they sent us:


The NCS autumn group have now all graduated the NCS program and we thank you so much for your support and help. This program required us to dedicate 30 hours of our time towards helping a charity of our choosing and we were touched by what your charity does in our local area for domestic abuse. At the beginning of this program most of us had never heard of SATEDA and were unaware of just how many cases there were in Swale. Through working with you we feel like we have made an benefitable difference to our community and leave not only as graduates of the program but with a stronger sense of being a member of the community. The support Carey and David have offered and the effort and time they have given us has been phenomenal and has made our time doing our project enjoyable. We hope all our fundraising can help you make a strong and positive change to many peoples lives and help them get back to a happy carefree life without fear or anxiety. Even though you are a small charity the changes you make are so lifechanging we have been honoured to walk around town wearing your logo, run for your cause and give our time to help in any way possible.

Thank you for all your time and support and we hope our money can help you continue to educate and save people from domestic abuse in swale.

The NCS autumn team

Morgan, Faith, Mark, James, Sam, Haben, Katie, Sophie, Macaulay ,Tominsin, Rachael and Abbie.

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