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Our Impact

As a result of working with SATEDA...


improved emotional wellbeing


reduction in physical and verbal abuse


felt safer


cessation of abuse


improved quality of life


better housing situation


success rate for obtaining a civil order

What others say...

“I know that without the amazing support I received from SATEDA both my child and I would still be living a life of domestic abuse- it really did make a difference”

“I am now a different person, I feel happier, stronger and more importantly safer”

“I really do owe my new life to SATEDA and the amazing work they do in supporting women like myself”

“Most importantly my SATEDA support worker listened to me, she assured me that what I was feeling was normal, she never judged me or told me what I should do”

“Because of the support I received from SATEDA, I am now more confident. I would now recognise the signs of abuse and get out before it was too late. I am now, for the first time in my life, in a healthy relationship”

“I went through the whole journey of support that SATEDA offered - it opened my eyes to everything I'd been through in the past and it kept me strong”

The Star is underpinned by three values:
empowerment, collaboration and integration.