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Privacy Notice

We are a charity supporting adults and children affected by domestic abuse.

If you would like to support us, you can opt-in to receiving newsletters and emails from us, which details the work we are doing and suggests ways in which you can support us.

You may opt-out of receiving information from us by “unsubscribing” to the newsletter – this can be done via an email, or by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button on our website – this will remove your email address and contact details from our mailing list.

We will never pass your details to a third party.

If you would like support from us, we will first ask you to agree to giving us your personal information.

We will show you our consent form, and ask that you sign it if you agree with the conditions.

Your information is kept securely on a case management system which is encrypted and password protected.

We may use your anonymised data for statistical reporting, to ensure our services are delivered well, and to secure ongoing funding for our services.

We may use your information in the form of case studies, we will never use information which can identify you or any of your family members – we will change all details to ensure that the case study is anonymous.

Once we have finished supporting you, you have the right to request your information be deleted from our case management system – however this will mean that you have to tell us all of your information again if you would like support in the future.