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Support for Young People

We are passionate about educating and equipping children and young people to be safe from domestic abuse and exploitation. We offer the following programmes to schools and youth groups:

Healing Together

The Healing Together programme provides support for young people (6-16 years) whoare impacted by domestic abuse. At SATEDA we offer the Healing Together programme 1-1 and in group sessions. For more information please click here


SwitchUp is a group programme supporting young people and their parents to reconnect following domestic abuse – here is an example of a track written and performed by a young person attending SwitchUp:

DAY Programme

The Day Programme is a unique multimedia programme that uses short films, advertisements, articles and chart music to raise awareness and provide education about domestic abuse and child exploitation in a relevant and exciting way. It is based on the Freedom Programme, a support programme for adult victims of domestic abuse, and is especially designed for young people over the age of 14.

You and Me Programme

The You and Me programme is an adaptation of the Day Programme, especially for young people between the ages of 11 and 13, to raise the awareness of healthy & unhealthy relationships and provide early intervention.

Both programmes are suitable for schools, youth centres and other organisations and are available as either 3, 6 or 9 week programmes. The programmes are suitable for a universal group of young people, or for groups of young people with specific needs, such as young people who have lived in a violent home, or who are currently in relationships where there is an element of teen-abuse. Our programmes are delivered by our professional, fully trained members of staff with the support of our experienced volunteers.

For more information please download this leaflet

Project Liberty

In partnership with Rising Sun Domestic Violence and Abuse Service, SATEDA are pleased to be able to offer a specific support programme for 11 -24 year old girls, lasting up to one year. This support is for girls and young women who:

  • have witnessed domestic abuse between family members, or
  • have previously been in or are currently in an abusive relationship, or
  • are deemed at risk of getting into an abusive relationship

The support is tailored to the needs of the young person, working to reduce the effects of the abuse they’ve witnessed or experience and to increase their safety, self-esteem and understanding of healthy relationships.