SATEDA provides direct access to support, advocacy and advice for victims of domestic abuse, whether they are male or female through a range of service provisions.

How we help

1. Referral
Clients can access help from us directly through self referral by coming to one of our One Stop Shops or Drop In services.
Additionally, we take referrals from professionals of any agency, or we accept IDVA referrals through the MARAC process.

2. Assessment
After receiving a referral, or when we meet a client at one of our drop-in services, we undertake some information gathering with the client and complete a risk assessment. We will also provide some initial safety planning advice and provide relevant sign-posting. In consultation with the client, we will create a support plan and allocate them to the most relevant form of support, depending on their risk level and how they would like to be supported.

3. Support
The support we offer clients includes one to one support from an IDVA for high risk cases, or for all other cases from our domestic violence support workers. We also offer phone support, counselling, Freedom programme and support for young people affected by domestic violence in the home. The nature of the support we offer each client is regularly reviewed throughout the duration of our support.

Need help? Come and see us

More information about our services can be found here.

To make a referral or for further information:

email: admin@sateda.org

phone: 01795 417251

Website: Contact page.

Please note that we are not an emergency service.  If you are in immediate danger, please call 999.

For a short video about what we do, you can take a look at Moat’s 50 for 50 Challenge video about us.