The history of SATEDA

SATEDA was established in 2009, and was known as Swale Domestic Violence Forum until April 2012 when its name changed to Swale Action To End Domestic Abuse (SATEDA).

It has grown from one member of staff, Rebecca Perry – Swale Domestic Abuse Coordinator. Rebecca started up Sittingbourne One Stop Shop in August 2009 and employed first team member, Liza Thompson, to coordinate this in January 2010.

SATEDA has since grown in size and currently has 14 members of staff and more than 20 volunteers.

SATEDA exists to support and advocate for victims of domestic abuse and their families. Through one to one support, drop in and one stop shop provision, counselling, freedom programme and a telephone call back system, we strive to offer a service which increases choices for victims of domestic abuse – enabling them to live a life free from fear.

SATEDA is a charity, with the following charitable objects:

  • To relieve the needs of people who are victims of domestic violence or domestic abuse in particular but not exclusively by the provision of advice, information, counselling and programmes of support.
  • To advance education for the public benefit in particular but not exclusively by working with schools and other groups in delivering programmes that support the development of school age children in subjects including healthy relationships and teenage health issues.