Alice Havistock needs your help


Story: Alice left her abusive husband in England and fled with her child to her brother’s home in India. Three years later her husband found her and so to avoid public humiliation for the whole family, she accepts him back and he now lives with her at her brother’s house. Charlie can be very charming in public, with Alice frequently having to comply with him to avoid a scene.

Types of abuse she suffers: Emotional abuse, being forced to eat, having her son turned against her, public humiliation, physical violence, being locked in her bedroom, being followed, spied on and beaten with a belt.

Abuser profile: Bad father, the headworker, the jailer, the bully.

Warning signs: We do not know anything about the early days of their relationship. However Alice has admitted that she began her relationship with Charlie when she was vulnerable and craving attention and affection.

How SATEDA could help: Provide one to one support to emotionally and practically help her to safely exit the relationship. We would explore how legal systems like non-molestation orders could help her. We would also offer counselling to help her process what she has gone through and also address the reasons she needed to enter a relationship when she did. The estimated costs of supporting someone like Alice would be £1745

Will you help Alice? Alice is, of course, a fictional character. We only know about her because the fictional television programme ‘Indian Summers’ on Channel 4 has meant that her story does not exist behind closed doors. However her story is similar to many people in Swale who are also suffering domestic abuse. Why not read about a ‘real life Alice’ and find out how you can help us to bring domestic violence from behind closed doors for the hundreds of victims in Swale through our sponsorship scheme.