Young people’s programmes

The information below can also be found and printed from the SATEDA Youth Programme flyer.


This programme offers children and young people aged 6-16 a safe space to talk through their experiences in the home of domestic abuse with a Young Person’s Support Worker on a 1:1 basis.

This service is currently closed for referrals. Please contact us if you would like to commission it for your setting. 

Project Liberty 

In partnership with Rising Sun Domestic Violence and Abuse Service, SATEDA are pleased to be able to offer a specific support programme for 11 -24 year old girls, lasting up to one year. This support is for girls and young women who:

  • have witnessed domestic abuse between family members, or
  • have previously been in or are currently in an abusive relationship, or
  • are deemed at risk of getting into an abusive relationship

The support is tailored to the needs of the young person, working to reduce the effects of the abuse they’ve witnessed or experience and to increase their safety, self-esteem and understanding of healthy relationships.


This programme offers adolescents who display abusive behaviours towards their resident non-abusive parent a group setting where they are encouraged to work through their feelings and discuss how their behaviours impact on others. They are also given the chance to work with Grime and DnB artists in writing and producing their own tunes, where their lyrics can become a healthier outlet for their feelings. Whilst this group is in session, we also meet with their parent in a nearby room, offering them a session which allows discussion of parenting skills and how their child’s behaviour is impacting on the family. Both sessions end with a recorded message between parent and child, introducing a restorative justice element to the programme.

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Delivery of this programme has been made possible by grant funding from Kent County Council, Swale Borough Council, Awards For All and Youth Music.

You and Me

SATEDA have been developing a programme for general classroom delivery which raises awareness of healthy relationships and allows young people from all backgrounds to learn how to communicate and respect each other from KS2 upwards.

This programme is being developed over time and we are able to tailor it to the needs of each school, taking into account the age of the children and size of the class. We also encourage the groups to deliver an assembly to their peers about what they have learnt at the end of each six week block of teaching.

Domestic Abuse Youth (DAY) programme 

This programme is a nationally delivered programme which runs along the same principles as the Freedom Programme. We are able to deliver this within a classroom or youth club setting to children from all family backgrounds – or it can be delivered to a targeted group of young people who have been in family settings where there has been abuse.

We are currently in the process of securing funding for this programme – for further details please contact us via our contact form.

Take part in a survey

If you are a young person and have experienced abuse, you are needed to take part in a confidential survey about confidentiality. You can find out more and take part here: