You deserve healthy love

We’re SATEDA, a domestic abuse charity in Swale. We support women and children to escape and heal from the violence and trauma they experience from the person they should feel safest with.

Break free and take back control.

At SATEDA, our vision is to end domestic abuse and our mission is to empower all women to end the cycle of domestic abuse, reconnect with their own voices and rebuild their lives free from fear, through education, support and advocacy.

As a specialist domestic abuse charity we provide a unique journey of support to women and children who are experiencing, have experienced or are at risk of experiencing domestic abuse, while campaigning for systemic change around gender-based violence.

"I truly didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t heard of SATEDA, but I wouldn’t have got through this without them. It took me a while but I now realise I am important too and it’s ok to put myself first. Their support has benefited my life in every possible way."

SATEDA client

Not sure if what you’re experiencing is domestic abuse?

Telling the difference between healthy arguments and disagreements in a relationship, and unhealthy, hurtful and controlling patterns of behaviour, isn’t always easy.

But you always need to trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right in your relationship, it probably isn’t.

The cycle of abuse helps illustrate common patterns of abusive behaviour in relationships.

It also helps us understand why it can be difficult for a woman experiencing abuse to break free.

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This is the life-changing difference your support makes


women benefitted from our services in 2022-2023


reported the abuse had reduced or stopped


told us they felt safer after working with SATEDA

Domestic abuse is everybody’s business

We all have a role to play in challenging the gender inequalities which mean women and children disproportionately experience violence every day.

It requires a collaborative effort which needs to be tackled at all levels of society – so whatever it is you do, let’s work together.

domestic abuse volunteer