Useful resources

We’ve collated a selection of media which can help widen our understanding of the roots of domestic abuse and the impact it has on survivors and wider society. Be it the words of a best-selling author, a televised drama series, or a thought-provoking interview with a survivor, pick one to read, watch or listen to today.

The more we understand domestic abuse and empathise with survivors, the more we can use our knowledge to take action and break the cycle of abuse around us.

Feel free to download and print our posters and leaflets to raise awareness in the community. And please send us your media recommendations here.

In a healthy relationship your partner...

Healthy Relationships

Valentine's Day edition. Sometimes it's easier to tell if something's not right by looking at the green flags
Red Flags for Young People

Red Flags for Young People

Please put this up in local schools and community centres for young people.
Warning Signs Adult Poster

Warning Signs

Please put our Warning Signs poster up in the women’s toilets at your place of work, local cafes, bars, pubs and community centres locally.
Journey of Support Poster

Journey of Support

An outline of all our services available to women in the community seeking support to escape and recover from domestic abuse.
domestic abuse - it's not always visible leaflet

Support us to end Domestic Abuse

Double sided leaflet with facts about domestic abuse, actions to support, and our contact details.
Domestic Violence Injuctions

Domestic Violence Injuctions

A 6-page legal guide by Rights of Women about how the law can protect you if you're experiencing domestic abuse.


Film: A very raw and powerful portrayal of a mother who tries to rebuild her life and protect her children after leaving her abusive partner
do you see me

Do You See Me

Short Film: An awareness and campaign film exploring the lived experiences and first-hand accounts of older LGBTQ+ survivors of domestic abuse. Image: C Gordine
angela black

Angela Black

Series: A psychological thriller depicting the lengths a perpetrator will go to control, intimidate and degrade his victim. Image: ITV
Channel 4 Logo.svg

Dispatches: Trapped, Disabled & Abused

Documentary: Disabled people are twice as likely to experience domestic abuse than non-disabled people. Dispatches reveals a shocking lack of awareness and support for survivors.
why did fri kill kyle

Bad Love: Why Did Fry Kill Kyle?

Documentary: When Fri killed her abusive boyfriend Kyle in 2014, she was convicted of his murder. Now she is appealing her conviction.
wisdom of trauma

The Wisdom Of Trauma

Documentary: Dr Gabor Maté explores trauma: the invisible force and root of our deepest wounds, which shapes the way we live, the way we love and the way we make sense of the world.
is this coercive control

Is This Coercive Control?

Documentary: This shines a bright light on the myths and misconceptions about the most rampant form of domestic abuse. Image: BBC
maid netflix - image: ricardo hubbs/netflix


Series: A tender, nuanced portrait of a young mother struggling through hurdle after hurdle to provide stability for her child after fleeing her abusive partner.
big little lies

Big Little Lies

Series: A powerful portrayal of how trauma affects the psyche of all those involved, of how the cycle of abuse is bolstered not just by the perpetrator but those around us too.
i am nicola

I Am Nicola

Mini-series: A slow, intimate and very relatable portrayal of the subtleties of emotional manipulation and coercive control. Image: Channel 4
a star is born hug

A Star Is Born

Film: Widely described as a romance, this is a portrayal of power, control and emotional abuse. It captures what it's like to be in love with someone who slowly chips away at your confidence & independence.
walking on eggshells

Walking on Eggshells

Documentary: Interviews focusing on survivors of coercive control.
Landmark: the death of Kellie Sutton

The Death of Kellie Sutton

by Tortoise Media. A family's six-year fight for a pioneering legal decision. A woman who took her own life was actually killed.
now and men podcast

Now and Men

Andrea Simon (End Violence Against Women Coalition) - Tackling Misogyny and Abuse in the Police and Beyond

Perspectives: Uncovering Domestic Abuse

by Oasis. Conversations with various guests exploring domestic abuse.
friends can tell podcast

Friends Can Tell

Real-life stories from young people who stepped up to support their friends in toxic relationships.
research in practice 1

Research in Practice

Episode about the evidence base around domestic violence and abuse, perpetration and the interface with children’s social care.
love and abuse podcast

Love and Abuse

by Paul Colaianni. Helping you identify toxic communication, emotional abuse, manipulation, and other forms of bad behaviour in relationships.
its not normal its toxic podcast

It’s Not Normal, It’s Toxic

by Dr Heidi. Exploring hope and healing to help you become free of relationships that are not healthy for you.
something was wrong podcast

Something Was Wrong

by Tiffany Reese. Docuseries about the discovery, trauma, and recovery from abusive relationships.
do us a favour podcast

Do Us A Favour

by Katy and Tanisha. Episode called 'What is financial abuse and will the Domestic Abuse Bill solve the problem?'
hidden homicides podcast

Hidden Homicides

by Tortoise Media. Investigation about the true toll of domestic abuse.
No One is Unemployable

No One Is Unemployable

by Deborah Angle

Block, Delete, Move On

by LalalaLetMeExplain
no visible bruises by rachel louise snyder 1

No Visible Bruises

by Rachel Louise Snyder
men who hate women

Men Who Hate Women

by Laura Bates
why does he do that

Why Does He Do That?

by Lundy Barcroft
melanie brown

Brutally Honest

by Melanie Brown
Never Give Up

Never Give Up

by Kellie Gyte (SATEDA volunteer)
we should all be feminists

We Should All Be Feminists

by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
dan hughes

Creating Loving Attachments

by Kim Golding and Daniel Hughes
not that bad

Not That Bad

by Roxane Gay
every day sexism

Everyday Sexism

by Laura Bates
in control dangerous relationships and how they end in murder jane monkton smith

In Control

by Jane Monkton-Smith
Emma Katz book

Coercive Control in Children and Mothers’ Lives

by Emma Katz
the boy raised as a dog

The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog

by Bruce D. Perry and Maia Szalavitz
power and control

Power and Control

by Sandra Horley
WhatsApp Image 2022 12 20 at 11.24.58

All About Love

by bell hooks
WhatsApp Image 2022 12 20 at 11.24.49

The Will To Change

by bell hooks
the body keeps the score

The Body Keeps The Score

by Bessel van der Kolk
look what you made me do

Look What You Made Me Do

by Helen Walmsley-Johnson
behind closed doors

Behind Closed Doors

by Natalie Fiennes
WhatsApp Image 2022 12 20 at 11.24.52 1

Mask Off

by JJ Bola
feminism intterupted lola olufemi book

Feminism Interruped

by Lola Olufemi
trauma and recovery

Trauma and Recovery

by Judith Herman
living with the dominator

Living with the Dominator

by Pat Craven
coercive control evan stark

Coercive Control

by Evan Stark