Covering your tracks online

Whenever we use search engines (the world wide web) on our phones, laptops and tablets, we leave behind what’s known as a ‘history’. If you’re worried your partner is keeping tabs of what websites you’re looking up online, we understand this can be incredibly distressing, but there are steps you can take to minimise the chance of your partner finding out.

‘Leave this site now’ button

  • You may have noticed the ‘leave this site’ now at the top of all our web pages. If you need to quickly get off this website, when you click on this button you’ll be directed straight to the Google homepage.

Deleting your search history

  • If you’re accessing our website from a normal web browsing page, our website will still be traceable in your ‘history’. But you can manually erase this by going to the ‘history’ section of your browsing page and right clicking on and then selecting ‘Delete’.

Private browsing

  • We recommend using ‘private browsing’ mode when searching websites you don’t want your partner knowing about, because this doesn’t keep track of your activity, including search history and cookies once you’ve closed the tab. Here’s how to activate ‘private browsing’ on the following search engines:
  • Internet Explorer: Click the Safety button — select Tools — select “InPrivate Browsing”
  • Firefox: Click the Menu button with three horizontal lines — select “New Private Window”
  • Microsoft Edge: Click the three dots in the top right of the page — select “New InPrivate window”
  • Chrome: Click the Menu button with three horizontal lines — select “New Incognito Window”
  • Safari: Click the File button — select “New Private Window”

We’re here for you

Our lovely support workers are here to talk through your situation and find solutions with you, so you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. You deserve healthy love.