SATEDA’s mission has always been to see an end to domestic abuse and all forms of male violence against women. It’s a big mission and one we can’t achieve alone, which is why we want and need to mobilise our community to join us in standing against domestic abuse and male violence against women.

🪧 Help us display this poster locally

Please download our Warning Signs poster to put up in the women’s toilets at your place of work, in cafes, bars, pubs and community centres. It will help women experiencing abuse recognise the signs if they haven’t yet identified them. It will also help them know they’re not alone and support is available for them.

“I used to look at those posters on my breaks at work and think, ‘this is me’” — SATEDA client

Warning Signs Adult Poster

🚩 Spot the red flags

Toxic relationships happen with teenagers too, but it can be really tricky to tell at which point some behaviours cross the boundary. If you’re not quite sure what’s ok and what’s not, take a look at the information we’ve put together here.

Always ask yourself, does it feel wrong?

Does It Feel Wrong

Sharing our content to spread the word and raise public awareness also goes a long way!