A day in the life of a Senior Young Persons Support Worker

By Kate Redmond

No day is ever the same which is what I love about my role as a Senior Young Person’s Support Worker. The focus of my work is to support young people in their journey of recovery after being impacted by domestic abuse. Here at SATEDA we understand that children are victims of domestic abuse and need our support to help them to recover and to boost their self- esteem. I meet young people at school and in the community for 1-1 sessions to increase their confidence, build on their strengths and listen to the wisdom they have to share with us about what they have been through. It is a real privilege to be part of this journey with them and it is at the heart of what we do in the youth team at SATEDA.

Kate working on her laptop

Another important part of my role as a senior is to support my colleague in the youth team and also the wider SATEDA team. This ranges from processing and allocating new referrals, having reflective conversations with colleagues to ensure we are keeping young people safe and writing reports for our funders.

One of the most exciting things is developing new projects and activities to do with our young people. We are currently working on a project to support girls aged between 13-16 who are in an abusive relationship and need support to leave it safely or for girls who are at risk of being coerced into an abusive relationship. We will be working with the young people to develop the programme, so it is relevant and meaningful for them. As we are also aware that boys are also victims of domestic abuse and are sometimes overlooked in terms of support, we want to develop our services for boys up the age of 16 to give them the specialist support they need.

I am passionate about working with children and young people to support them to live safe, healthy and happy lives and I am so excited for the future of SATEDA’s youth service.