A day in the life of a Support2Court Advisor

by Becci, Support2Court Advisor

I feel very passionate about Support2Court as many women are unable to gain legal support and feel like they have no way of going through the court process. At SATEDA we’re able to show them a way and support them from beginning to end, if that’s what they need and it’s so rewarding to see them empower themselves by taking charge and making their own choices.
A day in the life of a S2C advisor is extremely varied and rewarding. We support women through the family courts, whether its sharing our experiences and talking through processes with clients or explaining the options that are available to them. To supporting clients with the forms and paperwork that is involved and attending court with clients as a McKenzie friend. Sometimes you just need to be a listening ear for them to work out and navigate their options.
It is very much time driven and can be fast paced working towards dates constantly, whether that is dates for statements and forms to be submitted to supporting a client on an emergency child arrangements order that needs to be in court that day. You never know what will come up.
It can be a rewarding role to see women empower themselves and become more confident through obtaining protection orders or managing their way round child arrangement orders, enabling a better life for them and their children.