Does your workplace have a domestic abuse policy?

Only 5% organisations have specific guidelines or policy for domestic abuse in place, yet 86% of companies believe they have a duty of care towards domestic abuse victims. This is why we’re urging all businesses to consider domestic abuse in their workplace – do you know if there’s one in place where you work?

Not sure? Ask your manager! Domestic abuse is everybody’s business including employers and colleagues – we all can and need to play a part in taking a proactive and supportive approach to protect victims.

While domestic abuse is a largely hidden crime, occurring primarily at home, the extensive cost of domestic abuse to business is estimated at £316 billion a year due to decreased productivity, time off work, lost wages and sick pay. 

SATEDA are here to help. We can provide a bespoke offer incorporating training, awareness, policy review and consultancy for businesses of all sizes. Helping you to understand domestic abuse and the best way to help those affected. 

Businesses are not expected to become instant experts around the complex issues of domestic abuse, but being open about domestic abuse, reducing stigma, having a work place domestic abuse policy and encouraging a safe culture can be easily put in place and can change and save lives.

To find out how small steps can change lives get in touch today by emailing to speak about a bespoke offer for your work place.