Domestic abuse news roundup: w/c 20th March 2023

SATEDA domestic abuse news round up wc 22.03.23

📱 Misogyny from Twitter trolls rises under Musk

Online hate is intensifying under Musk with trolls growing in numbers and confidence which is increasing harassment.

Ellie Wilson was raped at University and she posted about her experience on social media. Initially she received support, then after tweeting about her perpetrator’s prison sentence she was subjected to hateful messages, including misogynistic responses saying she deserved to be raped. “It’s sort of like a secondary trauma… By allowing those people a platform, you’re empowering them and saying this is ok, you can do that.” she says.

Profiles set up at the time of Musk’s take over were deliberately created to spread hate often with no profile pictures or identifying features. Tens of thousands of new accounts set up when Musk took over have then followed abusive or misogynistic profiles, 69% higher than before he took ownership.


💔 Women who suffer domestic abuse are three times more likely to attempt suicide

Findings from a UK survey of adult mental health for the charity Agenda Alliance show that women who experience abuse from a partner are three times more likely to self harm and attempt suicide, and individuals who have experienced sexual abuse within a relationship are seven times more likely to attempt suicide.

Campaigners say the findings should prompt GPs, midwives, jobcentre staff and other services who come into contact with vulnerable women to routinely ask them about their personal safety.

“Women’s pain and distress is ignored at all of our peril… our findings show the long term impact of abuse on someone’s mental health. At its worst it can be fatal. It is concerning that some who die by suicide may be ‘hidden victims’ of domestic abuse, left uncounted and unrecognised,” says Agenda Alliance


📺 Fiona Bruce steps down from domestic abuse charity after Question Time row

Fiona Bruce has taken a step back as an ambassador for Refuge following claims she trivialised domestic abuse whilst in a discussion about Boris Johnson’s father Stanley Johnson on Question Time. Fiona Bruce experienced a fierce backlash on social media after her comments.

Bruce said she was required to legally contextualise a response about Mr Johnson. She emphasised the words did not reflect her own opinions and she would never minimise domestic abuse.

“I know survivors of domestic abuse have been distressed by what I was required to say on air. For that I am deeply sorry, I can apologise for the very real impact that I can see it has had” she said in response.



🗣️ Call on the House of Lords to introduce a violence against women and girls code of practice in the #onlinesafetybill by clicking on this link.

💖 Check on the women in your life – do they seem more distant, or anxious? Read through this information about how to support a loved one who is experience abuse from their partner, and share it with your network to raise awareness.


Your weekly domestic abuse news round up was curated by SATEDA’s volunteer Ellie Arnott ✨

Sources: BBC News, The Guardian, Kent Online