Domestic Abuse News Roundup: w/c 27th June 2022

domestic abuse news w/c 27.6.22

🧏 999 calls using BSL can now be made for the first time

”999 BSL” now allows people with hearing impairments to call emergency services 24/7.

Users can download the 999 BSL app or access to be connected to an emergency video relay service, where a BSL interpreter will relay information to a 999 operator.

A number of charities and organisations who have been campaigning for this have called it a huge breakthrough, as the service not only supports people with hearing impairments directly, but allows them to assist their own families, friends, or anyone in need of help.


👮‍♀️ Police pilot of intervention for domestic abusers is found to reduce crime

First-time domestic abuse offenders have been offered conditional cautions to engage in workshops designed to help them understand domestic abuse and its impact.

Offenders were then tracked for 365 days following referral to Project CARA (Cautioning and Relationship Abuse) which is an awareness raising intervention for first-time perpetrators of domestic abuse.

One year on, researchers have reported a huge reduction in offences in the first 6 months compared to offenders who had not accessed the programme as well as a significant economic benefit, based on the calculated cost of the average domestic abuse crime.


💰 DA Commissioner calls for funding commitment for specialist ‘by and for’ DA services

Domestic Abuse Commissioner, Nicole Jacobs, has unveiled early findings of a 12 month mapping exercise which highlight huge gaps in provision and lack of appropriate support for victims and children.

Counselling, IDVA (Independent Domestic Abuse Advisor) support and recovery work for their children were highlighted as some of the most challenging to access.

Those from a minority ethnic group, those with a disability or those from the LGBTQ+ community were at a further disadvantage. Ms Jacobs is calling for the Government to commit to funding specifically for marginalised groups.


Your weekly domestic abuse news roundup was curated by our volunteer Carlie Tyler ✨

Sources: Domestic Abuse Alliance, BBC New, Domestic Abuse Commissioner