Domestic Abuse News Roundup: w/c 7th March 2022

domestic abuse news w/c 7.3.22

⚽ Campaigners call for football authorities to commit to Gender-Based Violence Charter

Following multiple arrests and charges of high profile football players for domestic and sexual abuse, as well as protests from fans at the signing of a known rapist, campaigners are calling on Football Association and Premier League to meaningfully address VAWG through prevention, intervention & accountability.

Level Up’s co-director Seyi says, “we’re very encouraged to see that the open letter has started a dialogue with the Premier League – but this is just the beginning. This will be about shifting a culture of misogyny and impunity that is deeply ingrained within football, and society at large, so there’s a lot of work to do. Hopefully, The FA will follow the Premier League’s lead, and begin to meaningfully engage with the issue.”

👨‍💻 Tech abuse is on the rise

Technological abuse doesn’t require any IT proficiency and it’s on the rise as perpetrators use everyday, affordable and accessible tech like smart devices, online platforms and mobile phone apps to abuse and control their partners, with one survey indicating a 93% increase in the use of spyware and “stalkerware” apps since the beginning of the pandemic.

Examples of tech abuse include using Apple’s AirTags and other surveillance software to track and stalk their partners, and creating fake social media accounts to harass and present the victim in a derogatory manner online, which is cyber-harassment.

🔎 Campaigners call for DA related deaths to be investigated and counted

Jess Phillips’ reading in Parliament this week, of all known women who have been killed by a man this past year, is a poignant reminder of why more than 220 organisations, charities and individuals have signed the #NotJustAnother campaign letter. Supporters of the campaign have two asks:

  • That we count sudden unexpected domestic abuse related deaths
  • That all sudden unexpected domestic abuse related deaths be investigated

The letter, launched by criminologist Professor Jane Monckton-Smith, is addressed to MPs and urges for an improved police response.


✍ Add you name to the petition asking Premier League and Football Association enforce a zero-tolerance policy.
✍ If you’re an organisation, add your name to Level Up’s letter
📄 Read this article about the rise of tech abuse
📄 Read the Not Just Another campaign letter

Sources: Level Up, The Conversation, The Observer, #NotJustAnother Campaign Letter

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