Most women in prison are domestic abuse survivors. Here’s how you can help.

We know that prison tears families apart and that most women who end up in prison were pressured by their abusive partners to commit a crime, but the UK government is still planning on building 500 new prison places for women (make it make sense). So here are a couple of ways you can help:

  1. Add you name to #StopThe500 new prison places for women, a campaign led by Women In Prison which calls on the need to instead invest in community-based services like ours that support women to tackle the issues that sweep women into crime in the first place, such as domestic abuse and poverty.
  2. Project Hope is our letter writing initiative to combat isolation among women in UK prisons. Every letter we receive back highlights just how powerful and important our caring and empowering words are. If you’d like to donate writing materials or your time by joining our team of writers putting pen and compassion to paper, please email and she’ll get you started

✨ Bonus action: Read this important article written by Working Chance and Women In Prison, outlining why it’s vital that we understand how domestic abuse sweeps women into crime and how we can better support them.