Nataliia’s New Domestic Abuse Art Project

Our volunteer Nataliia is launching a new social media project at SATEDA where she will be sharing the works of feminist artists who have explored domestic abuse in their work. These will be shared on our Instagram page each week and we hope they will provide another creative lens through which to understand the impacts of domestic abuse on individuals and wider society. For now though, let’s meet Nataliia!

“What is your degree, and what academic year are you in?”

I am in my 3rd year of BA Arts Management course at Goldsmiths.

“Why did you start volunteering at SATEDA, and why is this cause important to you?”

I am Ukrainian and part Russian, so the topic of domestic violence is something my generation has been fighting against for quite a long time, as it is deeply embedded in social norms. The government does not provide any protection to the victims, and every woman has been raised hearing sayings like ‘if he beats you, it means he loves you’. This has to stop, and I want to make the most out of my time being here in the UK and learn from organisations like SATEDA how to provide support for the victims as well as how to raise the public’s awareness in order to eliminate this issue completely. 

“What have you noticed about the way abusive relationships are portrayed or expressed in art?”

Everyone experiences abuse differently, and the way people choose to express it also differs significantly. For example, the theme of domestic violence in the arts can be used as a strategy for raising public awareness about this issue. Although, it is also commonly used as a creative tool for the victims of abuse which helps them regain control of their mental wellbeing. Art can be both a therapeutic method of recovery and a strong activist strategy to eradicate the issue of domestic abuse. 

“SATEDA’s mission is to end domestic abuse, what role does creative expression play in this mission?”

Creative expression helps to reach audiences who might not have been aware of this subject. Contemporary art is very political, so it is very appropriate to use something beautiful as a tool for educating people about something so ugly. 

“What is the purpose of this project you’re working on?”

I hope that this project will establish a new emotional connection with SATEDA’s supporters as well as bring new people who are willing to contribute to their mission. Creativity is often used as a coping mechanism of reflection on negative experiences. However, it can also be used as a non-violent way of bringing people together to fight against social issues, such as the issue of domestic abuse.