Team Profile: My Journey with SATEDA

Initially, I started working at SATEDA in June 2013 as the team administrator. Having left a secure role at the local authority, I jumped ship and moved wholeheartedly into the unpredictable world of the charitable sector. Soon after I started, I began to realise how strongly I felt about the injustice regarding the levels of harm both mentally and physically domestic abuse had on our clients and their children.

After completing my Safelives IDVA (Independent domestic violence advisor) training I pushed myself to understand more about domestic abuse and the theories surrounding the complexities of such a heinous crime. I received an apprenticeship by default from our CEO Liza Thompson and I listened and learned from her DA expertise and continue to do so to this day.

Currently, I’m completing Safelives Service Manager training and I find myself once again thrust into the realm of reflection and putting into practice all I have learnt during the last 5 years. There have been so many changes over the years, but one thing remains a constant is which is the charity is in good hands. From the trustees, CEO, senior management team, staff and volunteers we collectively care about our community and the families who are affected by domestic abuse. Our team do everything in their power to bring perpetrators to account and work tirelessly raising awareness.

As a community, I feel, we are talking more about domestic abuse and its effects. This is a huge step forward. Gone are the cloak and dagger type of support options of the past. We are out there LOUD and PROUD calling out domestic abuse. I never fail to be inspired by clients and their journeys. They spur me on each day and to be a part of this movement really is a privilege.

Kate Bowen, Operations Manager (SATEDA)