“Thinking Outside of the Box” A Conference by SATEDA and Rising Sun

On Friday 30th November SATEDA and Rising Sun will be joining forces to bring you a conference intended to make practitioners think about their responses to domestic abuse, whilst encouraging a dialogue between academics and practitioners which isn’t always possible during our day to day work.

We are now able to give you an idea of the speakers and subjects for the day. Frank Mullane will be speaking about Domestic Abuse/Homicide – Humility and Status – Frank says this will be a:

“Discussion on the importance of humility and status in reviewing domestic homicides. Humility is one of the means by which we learn from the past to make the future safer. Status needs to be addressed. It is a factor impacting on a person’s safety and well-being and ultimately impacts the degree of learning taken from a (Domestic Homicide) review, linking back to humility.”

We will be running parallel sessions for part of the day – where there will be an opportunity to hear about findings from research undertaken by academics from Canterbury Christchurch University – in the fields of education, health and social care, and policing.

There will be networking opportunities throughout the day where we hope ideas will be shared, acquaintances formed and plans made between delegates.

The keynote speech will be given by Professor Evan Stark – this will be entitled “The Continuum of Coercive Control” – Evan describes his speech thus:

“Coercive control has rapidly emerged as the centrepiece of criminal justice responses to spouse abuse in the United Kingdom. This talk defines the elements, dynamics and outcomes of coercive control and tracks its use from the margin of the early women’s advocacy movement to its current centrality as a way to address forms of discrimination against women in personal life in ways that infringe on their liberties. Gaps in law and justice addressed by coercive control are identified; strengths and weaknesses of the English and Scottish offenses are weighed and the implications of coercive control for the broader equality agenda is pursued.”

We are very excited to be able to bring speakers of such high calibre to Faversham – a small town with strong historic heritage but not one which is synonymous with domestic abuse conferences!

Please email conference@sateda.org to express your interest in a space by 31st October – space is limited however will ensure all agencies are represented when we allocate tickets.