Violence Into Art: Wilma Woolf

Today on Violence Into Art we are highlighting the powerful work of Wilma Woolf (@wilmaworks), as heart-breaking news came in this morning of Bobbi-Anne McLeod’s murder: the 129th woman killed by a man this year.

Wilma is a visual London-based artist whose works have been exhibited at The Tate Modern, Lethaby Gallery and the Apairy Gallery.

Her work is a manifestation of information in the physical form, which is inspired by her career as a policy professional.

‘Domestic’ is an installation that consists of 8 individual plates, placed on a table. They represent 8 relentless years of data that include the victims name, her relationship to her murderer and the icon indicates the cause of death.

This installation showcases every single woman killed by male violence since 2013.

Since the UK government currently doesn’t record femicides, all the data used for this installation was collected by the Counting Dead Women project and the Femicide Census, as well as local news reports.

Know of any other art projects which explore, express or tackle domestic abuse? Let us know by sending an email to who curates this series.