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About Us

We provide direct access to support, advocacy and advice for victims and survivors of domestic abuse through a range of services. We are proud to offer a full journey of support: assisting women with remaining safe whilst in an abusive relationship, helping them to safely exit the abusive relationship when they are ready and providing support in their recovery as they rebuild their lives after abuse. We offer survivors of abuse the opportunity to be part of SATEDA, as volunteers, where they can use their experiences to help others; finding their own voices.

Through individual support work, a telephone support programme for people who are unable to attend meetings, counselling, group programmes – of Freedom Programme and Power2Change groups – and a volunteering programme, we strive to offer a journey of support which increases choices for victims of domestic abuse – enabling them to take back control, break free and live a life without fear.

SATEDA was established in 2009, and was known as Swale Domestic Violence Forum until April 2012 when its name changed to Swale Action To End Domestic Abuse (SATEDA). We achieved charity status in 2014 and in 2018 we changed our name to Support & Action To End Domestic Abuse (still SATEDA) to better reflect our mission and our growing geographical reach.