Support for Young People

How do we work with young people?

  • We deliver 1-1 and group programmes to young people who have experienced domestic abuse at home
  • We deliver 1-1 programmes to young people who are in or at risk of being in an abusive relationship
  • We deliver assemblies in secondary schools about healthy and unhealthy relationships

Worried about a young person?

If you suspect a young person in your life is experiencing abuse at home or is in a toxic relationship themselves, we have put together some information about how to support a loved-one which you may find useful as initial guidance.

We also encourage you to direct them to our ‘Does It Feel Wrong?’ page which is linked a little further down. It’s our awareness campaign to help teenagers spot the red flags of a toxic relationship.

school pupil with blue hair crouching down

Can you spot the red flags?

Toxic relationships happen with teenagers too, but it can be really tricky to tell at which point some behaviours cross the boundary. If you’re not quite sure what’s ok and what’s not, take a look at the information we’ve put together here.

Always ask yourself, does it feel wrong?

Does It Feel Wrong