Does It Feel Wrong?

Learn to spot the signs of a toxic relationship and seek support

We’re excited to soon be launching our ‘Does It Feel Wrong?’ Instagram and TikTok accounts!

These will share testimonials, resources and tips about identifying relationship green & red flags and reaching out for support if you think you or a friend is in a toxic relationship.

If you’re aged 12-18, we need your help!

Would you like to share your relationship experience anonymously? By doing so, you can help other young people get a better understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships and relate to what’s happening to them or their friends, especially if it’s toxic.

To get started, please fill out the quick initial form below – your voice matters and we really appreciate it.

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Blog: Untangling the nuances of teenage dating and relationships

Read the blog post by our young volunteer Erica

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Toxic relationships are very common among teenagers.

Where relationships start blossoming, so does the potential for abuse so it’s really, really important to know what’s healthy and what’s not.

Here are some red and green flags to look out for in your romantic relationships and in your friends’.

🚩 tries to embarrass me in front of others

🚩 avoids being seen with me at school 

🚩 looks through my phone & social media

🚩 blocks me after any disagreement

🚩 shares personal info about me to others without my permission

🚩 makes fun of my friends to me

🚩 tells me what to wear

🚩 pressures me to send nudes or do things I’m not comfortable doing

🚩 won’t commit but expects me to

🚩 borrows my money all the time without paying me back

🚩 lies and hides things from me

βœ… is my biggest cheerleader

βœ… compliments me and makes me feel confident and empowered

βœ… respects my friends and family

βœ… respects my subject choices at school

βœ… is happy to communicate through disagreements

βœ… makes me laugh and feel emotionally, physically, sexually and intimately comfortable

βœ… cares about my opinion

βœ… listens to and respects my needs and boundaries

βœ… seeks to understand me and shares with me

βœ… owns up to any wrongdoing and apologises without getting defensive

βœ… communicates openly and truthfully with me

Need support?

If you think you’re in a toxic relationship, we can support you. We deliver a programme called Choose Liberty which helps you reconnect with yourself and understand the blurred lines in a relationship.

We want you to feel empowered in your relationships, not anxious or confused.

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Checking in with them

If you’ve been worried about a friend lately, here’s how you might gently try to start a conversation. The most important thing is to actively listen to what they say, and make them feel heard even if you might not agree with what they are saying. Your reassurance and support could be really life-changing for them. For more in depth information on how to support a friend click here.

Hey b, wanna come meet me by the bench at lunch? i miss eating with u! it's been weeks

I'm not feeling v well x

What's up? Is it about M being out of order this morning in assembly? I saw what they did and I'm always here to chat πŸ’•

They were just being stupid it's ok xx

I hear you. I think that would've hurt me tbh. Just looking out for you because i wanna see u smiling and happyyyy 😊 I've noticed u looking a bit low lately

Ur sweet, I'm ok I promise - it's just banter, and they're not like that when we're out of school. Think they do it cuz the others are there πŸ™„ x

Hmm banter can be pretty hurtful. And it's not the first time I've seen them being kinda disrespectful to u like that u know. I'm not judging - just know I'm here if u wanna chat. Just got to the bench and I have a crappy sandwich to share lol πŸ’–

Ok I'll come there in 5 x

See u soon. I've got you x

Actually babe sorry M's just called, they wanna have lunch with me now.. x

That's ok, I'll see you in class later 😊 love u

Want to volunteer on this awareness campaign?

We’re looking for 14 -18 year olds to brainstorm and create trauma informed, relevant and creative content about healthy and unhealthy relationships for their generation. Do you have… (don’t need them all, just a few!)

♀ An interest in women’s rights?
πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ€β€πŸ‘©πŸΎ Knowledge of youth issues affecting girls and non-binary people?
🀳🏽 Knowledge of social media trends among teens?
✊🏽 An understanding of intersectionality?
πŸ’‘ Creative flair and ideas?
✍🏿 Copy-writing skills?
πŸ“± TikTok video and Instagram Reel making skills?
πŸ˜„ Good vibes and passion?