Services for women

We’re the only domestic abuse service in Kent working solely with women (aged 16+). We know domestic abuse isn’t linear so our support for you isn’t either – it’s tailored to your needs. You’re in control of the journey and we’ll hold your hand through it.

Your journey of support

The first step: We get lots of women self-referring into SATEDA. We also get referrals from partner agencies and other professionals in the area.

We encourage professionals to assist their clients to self-refer, however if we receive a referral from a professional, we will make contact with you and discuss how you would like to access our support.

We’re here for you, and we’ll never make you do anything you’re not comfortable doing.

One 2 One Support

Staying safe & becoming free: We can assign you a support worker who’ll provide advice, advocacy and emotional support on your journey towards freedom. She’ll help you stay safe in the relationship and safely leave it if that’s what you choose to do.

Swale-only service

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Support 2 Court

By your side: Our team can support you through child arrangement proceedings, and to apply for protective orders through civil courts. They can help write and submit your statement to court and can attend your hearings with you in Kent.

Kent-wide service

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Heal: Experiencing and recovering from domestic abuse is really emotionally challenging. Talk to one of our trained counsellors online or in person for help and support as you process the emotional and mental impact of abuse, whether past or present.

Swale & Medway service

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Freedom Programme

Recover: This 12-week programme offers an insight into the tactics of an abuser, allowing women to recognise abusive behaviours in future relationships. Sisterhoods flourish in this group as participants support each other on their journey to freedom.

Swale-only service

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Own My Life

Regain ownership: This 12-week course uses a variety of media to explain complex concepts about trauma and abuse, as well as how popular culture reinforces sexism, rape culture, violence, misogyny, disrespect in relationships and abusive behaviour.

Swale-only service

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Power 2 Change

Rebuild: This 14-week course evolves with the needs of each group as it’s self-led by participants. It aims to boost self-esteem and confidence based on the belief that women working together in a safe, friendly & non-judgemental environment can thrive.

Swale-only service

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Employability Programme

Spread your wings: Our award-winning Employability Programme invites survivors to take on a volunteer role within SATEDA, alongside a programme of training and support. This aims to give women confidence and work-place skills to get employment as part of living a full life after abuse.

Swale & Medway service

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Is this what you need?

If any of our services sound like they could help you navigate this chapter of your life, please get in touch. You deserve to feel safe, to be heard, to heal and to experience healthy love.

And we’ll hold your hand as you figure it all out.

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