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Navigating the court system can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to go through it alone. We have a Support 2 Court team who can support you in applying for a protective order through the family court, assist you with injunctions, occupation orders, and support you through child arrangement proceedings.

They can write your statement, help you to submit this to court, and come with you to your hearings as McKenzie Friends in Canterbury, Dartford, Maidstone and Medway courts.

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Support 2 Court is for women throughout Kent who are affected by domestic abuse and are facing court without legal representation and with no eligibility for legal aid.

Our Support 2 Court team can support you through the court process from beginning to end.

We’re here to give you practical guidance and emotional support so you don’t have to face the courts alone.

We can explain the court process to you, help you fill out court forms and paperwork, and guide and advise you to present your case in court to the best of your ability for a fair and just outcome.

We can also act as McKenzie friends, and attend as many of your court hearings as you need us to, if we are free.

A McKenzie Friend is someone who understands the court process and is able to assist when you may find yourself in a court process that you do not fully understand and have not engaged a solicitor. In this case the law describes you as a ‘litigant in person’, which is someone who is on their own in the court process.

A McKenzie friend becomes your guide through the court process. They have knowledge of the court process, which will include the completion and the filling of the initial application.

  • They will have knowledge of the language used by the legal system, and will be able to assist you in writing a statement, and analysing statements that other people have written.
  • They will give you advice on responses to give and what to say and more importantly what not to say.
  • They will, if needed attend court with you and advise and assist you throughout the hearing.
  • They will also assist when dealing with solicitors or any other professional party outside the court room.
  • They cannot speak directly to the court unless permission is given, but they can advise you on the responses you give to the court.


We support women as McKenzie friends through the family court only.

This includes:

  • Non Molestation Orders
  • Occupation Orders under the Family Law Act
  • Children’s Act Orders
  • Child Arrangement Orders
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Specific Issue Orders

Yes, all the services we provide to women and children are free thanks to grants and fundraisers.

This Support 2 Court service has been partly funded by the KCC and PCC.

To help cover our costs and enable more women to benefit please consider donating where you can.

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