Kent & Medway Community Sharewear

We’re reducing clothing waste by meeting clothing needs for women and children

In March 2023 we launched the Kent & Medway Community Sharewear which is a SATEDA-run project and a franchise of Community Sharewear.

It’s simple. We collect high-quality unwanted clothes and provide them free-of-charge to women and children in economic difficulty, using a combination of a referral system for individuals and an outreach service for organisations.

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The Kent & Medway Community Sharewear is for women and children in the area who can’t afford clothes, shoes or toiletries. They don’t need to be affected by domestic abuse – this service is for any woman and child in economic difficulty.

There are 4 ways to access clothes:

1. Access referral – professionals

(Tuesdays 9.30am-12.30pm and Thursdays 12pm-3pm)

  • Email us for the referral form, complete it and email it to us. Your client can then come at any time during our Chatham office drop in – there is no need to make an appointment. Just make sure your client has the address and opening times.
  • Please note we cannot allow children under the age of 11 into our office due to health and safety restrictions; the exceptions are children in buggies. 
  • If a client has attended our office in the past she will be recorded in our system and she will not need a brand-new referral, other than an update of the items needed. However, to make sure everybody has an equal chance and there is no misuse of the service, nobody is allowed to attend within three months of their last clothing collection except in the case of clothing needs changing, such as a child outgrowing their current size. 

2. Click & collect – professionals

(Tuesdays 9.30am-12.30pm and Thursdays 12pm-3pm). 

  • If your client can’t come to our Chatham office themselves, we offer a collection option where you come and collect the pre-ordered items on behalf of your client. 

3. Outreach deliveries to organisations in Swale and bulk collection for organisations in Medway 

  • Using our detailed outreach order form, local organisations can receive a monthly delivery of quality checked, sized and categorised clothing which they can then make available to their own service users. This service can be arranged as a standing order. 

4. Mobile Sharewear in Swale 

  • No referral needed. We organise regular sessions in partnership with a organisations that have the right space, where clients will have self-access and be able to browse. You tell us what your clients need, and we come over with the equipment and clothes. 

Yes, all the services we provide to women and children are free thanks to grants and fundraisers.

This Community Sharewear has been funded by Orchard Community Energy.

To help cover our costs and enable more women to benefit please consider donating where you can.


  • We’re always looking for pre-loved clothes and shoes as well as new ones, however we will only use clothes which are of very high quality.
  • Please use our quality rule when deciding what to donate to us: if you wouldn’t wear it yourself or want to see a member of your family in it, please don’t donate it to us.
  • We can only accept brand new knickers, pants, socks and tights. We will accept extremely lightly worn bras. We accept toiletries as well.


  • This project is part of our Employability programme where women who’ve experienced domestic abuse can volunteer to enhance their skills and work on their self-esteem and confidence.
  • The Employability programme is also open to other volunteers who just want to give back to the community.
  • See our Volunteer page for more information about the roles available to support this amazing project!
  • Come to our office in Chatham, Medway on Mondays 10am-3pm and Wednesdays 10am-3pm. The address is Fort Luton, Magpie Hall Road, Chatham, ME4 5XJ
  • If you are in Swale, please fill out the enquiry form below or message us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts to discuss options.
  • Keep an eye on our socials for details of our Mobile Sharewear days and come and see us there! If you don’t already follow our Kent & Medway Community Sharewear accounts, please do! (@kentmedwaysharewear)

BBC South East report on our Community Sharewear launch 👇

Interested in our Community Sharewear?

Fill out the form below to ask for a referral form for your client, to enquire about donation drop off, or anything else.

Please don’t send confidential information, whether you’re inquiring for yourself or someone else. Someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your query in confidence and we may call from a withheld number.

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Clothing collection opening times:

Tuesdays 9.30am-12.30pm

Thursdays 12pm-3pm


Donation drop off opening times:

Mondays 10am-3pm

Wednesdays 10am-3pm