We call for Manchester United to do more than pay lip service

Over the weekend perpetrator and Manchester United player Mason Greenwood was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault after his partner Harriet Robson shared videos and photos of the physical injuries he has caused her, as well as a distressing and triggering audio clip of him verbally abusing her and dismissing her refusal to have sex with him. He is not the first football player to be charged with abuse this year, and given the state of male violence in football culture, we know he won’t be the last.

“We hope Harriet Robson’s incredible strength & bravery will inspire other women to speak out about the abuse and violence their partner inflicts on them behind closed doors. We call for Manchester United to do more than pay lip service to these terrible crimes against women and that they embrace the opportunity to send a clear message to their players and fan-base that domestic abuse will not be tolerated. We urge the UK government to actually launch their national public awareness campaign aimed at perpetrators of abuse and we need more men to join us in calling out the sexist and misogynistic attitudes which underpin the violence women experience day in and day out.” – Carey Philpott, Interim CEO at SATEDA.

We can’t wait for more celebrities to get caught and more women to get killed for concrete change to come about in our struggle to end male violence against women.

Please join us in supporting Level Up’s campaign calling for the Premier League and Football Association to enforce a zero tolerance policy for gender-based violence that:

  • Takes an absolute stand against domestic violence, sexual violence and child sexual abuse
  • Imposes mandatory, annual trainings to all players on gender-based violence including consent, violence and coercive control
  • Appoints a commissioner to investigate and take action on cases where players are suspected of abuse
  • Imposes appropriate consequences and disciplinary action on players


Players who are suspected of gender-based violence must face consequences. In the US, the Major Baseball League has a suspension policy for players, where players suspected of domestic abuse, sexual violence or child abuse are suspended without pay.

Right now, the Premier League does not have any policies, disciplinary procedures or investigation processes, for players who are accused of gender-based violence. The Premier League and the Football Association need to put a process in place that oversees all its clubs.