SwitchUp is a restorative justice and creative programme for mothers and their 11–16-year-olds who have experienced domestic abuse and replicate this behaviour.

About the programme

SwitchUp is a 7 week course to support mothers and their children to heal their relationship following being impacted by domestic abuse. We know that children and young people are victims of domestic abuse in their own right and sometimes what they have seen, heard, felt and lived with leads them to display the behaviours of the abusive adult.

The programme helps mothers explore parenting ideas in a safe and supportive environment and helps young people to make sense of what has happened to them, to understand their big emotions and to make more positive choices.

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What happens during the sessions?

One group for young people

The first hour of each session covers topics like violence, abuse, communication and self-esteem. The second hour is a creative session where the young people work with creatives, like music artists to write, produce and record their own track as a team over the course of the 7-week programme.

One group for mothers

The two-hour sessions cover topics such as self-esteem and parenting styles and we provide mothers with professional and peer to peer support.

Video dialogue

Each week, mothers and young people take turns filming video messages for each other to view the following week. This opens up lines of communication again and supports families in resolving conflict in a healthy way.

SwitchUp is for mothers and their children aged between 11 and 16 years who have experienced domestic abuse and replicate the behaviours of the abusive parent.

Early evening so it’s accessible for working mums, for 7 weeks on a weekly basis. We run the programme once in the winter and once in the summer.

The groups are small and informal with 5-10 young people, and 5-10 mums.

Yes, all the services we provide to women and children are free thanks to grants and fundraisers.

SwitchUp has been funded by the Early Help.

To help cover our costs and enable more women to benefit please consider donating where you can.

Interested in our SwitchUp programme?

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