You Matter

The You Matter programme provides support for young people impacted by domestic abuse to build up their self-esteem, find their spark and recognise their strengths.

About the programme

Children and young people are victims of domestic abuse in their own right and sometimes what they have seen, heard, felt and lived with has lasting impacts on how they feel about themselves.

You Matter is a 6-week course which gives young people who have been impacted by domestic abuse the space to discover their strengths, their aspirations and identify those around them who support them.

It’s a strengths-based programme to help them rediscover their sparkle on their recovery journey.

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What happens during the sessions?

Overview of how session unfolds

During the sessions we use a range of resources including strengths-based games, trauma-informed resources, worksheets and discussion topics.

The young person is also given a journal to write down their thoughts and feelings.

While we have a structured programme that we follow, it is also child-led so we will respond to what the young person brings to each session and adapt our approach according to the young person’s needs.


Topics covered in the sessions include:

πŸ’‘ Recognising important areas in your life
πŸ’₯ Finding your spark and recognising strengths
πŸ’­ Dreams and goals
🧠 Good mental health
🌻 Managing emotions in healthy ways
πŸ₯° Healthy relationships
🀝 Circle of support
βœ… Making positive changes

You Matter is for young people aged 10-16 years old who have been impacted by domestic abuse.

The sessions run for one hour each week for a total of 6 weeks.

We run the sessions in school on either a 1-1 basis or in groups (of maximum 6) if this is appropriate. If the young person doesn’t want to be seen in school, we will offer sessions in a local community building like a youth hub or children’s centre.

Yes, all the services we provide to women and children are free thanks to grants and fundraisers.

To help cover our costs and enable more women to benefit please consider donating where you can.


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